Why Black Stag?

Simply, because what's important to you is what's important to us.

This is yarn, fibre and ready handmades made for spinners, knitters, crocheters and weavers by a spinner, knitter, crocheter and weaver.

We want to offer the best price for luxury fibres so we can be as accessible as possible and promote slow fashion - these yarns last so we want you to be able to make something you adore that will long outlive anything off the shelf. Investing in these handmade pieces pays dividends in use over time, they can be remade into new pieces and recycled - no addition to landfill here.

We want to keep it green, keep it local, keep it small business.

We want to share our love of tradition and heritage and our passion for vibrant, bold and expressive colour so you can make the things that tell your story.

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Most popular

Bramble wine, a love letter to my shed people - BFL/Silk/Cashmere
  • Supercharge your socks

    Sock lovers will find bold, bright and wild colours to use alone or mix and match for your perfect sock!

    Sock Yarns 
  • Bold BFL

    Tis jumper season and this beautiful lustrous longwool with unrivalled drape and gorgeous stitch definition should definitely be on your list.

    Blue Faced Leicester 
  • Ready to wear

    All of our hand knitted and hand woven ready to wear items are here! An ever expanding collection of hats, cowls, wraps, scarves and socks all made from Black Stag yarns

    Handknits and weaves 

Donations now available at checkout!

We all deserve to have somewhere safe to live; people on the street risk being subjected to physical and sexual violence, contracting or battling illness and injury every day. They face hunger, their possesions being stolen or damaged as they sleep and difficulty meeting personal care needs. The weather is not just uncomfortable, it doesn't just worsen illnesses, our weather can be fatal and many homeless people have died frozen and alone. But -

Together we can help Crisis end homelessness.

Crisis is the UKs national charity for homeless people, helping people directly out of homelessness and also campaigning for change to end homelessness altogether.

We can make a difference, both immediate and in the future, by supporting Crisis' work. We can donate warmth, food and support all the way from securing safe housing into training and work.

The donation button will be visible during your checkout, it is entirely optional, treated anonymously and is unrelated to your order or account.

Donations recieved will be donated to Crisis quarterly & receipts posted, with our grand total being announced at the end of the year.

We are a wonderful community known for donating our skills to provide warmth and comfort for those in need, we act where we can and for almost 1000 people in 2018-2019 Crisis acted to support them into a safe and stable home. This is an easy, fast and direct way we can support Crisis and their wonderful volunteers, over 12,000 of whom supported homeless people on their journey out of homelessness. 12,000!

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I appreciate it and you - Sam @ Black Stag