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Black Stag Yarn & Fibre

Fingerless glove kit

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Once checked out please wait for your digital pattern download option to load. Please do not exit your 'Thank you for your order' page until you have seen the green 'Download' button under your kit picture. This will take approximately 5 - 10 seconds. This gives you access to both the digital pattern and the knit along video. 

If you're confident in your basics (knit, purl, tension, knitting in the round/DPNs) looking to do something a little new but not frustrating then these are a great start. 

This is a delightful knit and while it's perfect for every skill level it was made specifically with adventurous beginners in mind. It's oft quoted that beginners shouldn't use the 'good stuff' for their projects and should just make simple things, well - I don't think that. 

Use the fibre that brings you joy! If you make a mistake you can undo it and work it again, if it's strong enough to make a sock it's strong enough to put up with a few mistakes. Yes, a fine fluffy mohair lace probably wont appreciate being repeatedly ripped out but a mistake on occasion is fine, I've been knitting for 20 years and still make them, it happens, it's not a big deal. Whether you buy this kit or any of my yarns, it doesn't matter, if you see yarn that makes your heart flip - use it! This includes all yarns. It's all about loving looking at it, feeling it, working with it, anything that gets you excited to pick up your project, get to the end and wear/use or proudly gift your finished project. This is your knitting, it's about what makes you happy, that's different for all of us and part of the fun.  

Simple patterns? This is a simple pattern but it's not boring. You don't have to stick to things that have a lot of grind to work on your muscle memory. You won't learn more doing 20 hours of garter stitch than doing a little of everything that keeps you interested every day. If you like a little bit of variation then this is certainly one to try. I love this pattern because it is not difficult, there isn't one part that's 'hard' (a touch fiddly on the thumbs but not technically taxing) but it's not completely unchallenging either with a couple of techniques you might not have used before and if you have they break up the stocking stitch nicely. 

What's in the kit? Cute stuff!

50g of the sock yarn of your choice from the list below - the star of the show! A soft, squishy bundle of tactile treasure! See more about your fibre options below. 

Handmade Stitch markers - 10 adorable stitch markers and 1 stitch holder you can use for yonks (you only need 2 for the pattern) 


  • Physical copy
  • Digital download
  • Video knit along download 

Handmade with love label - a lovely little finishing touch. 

All packaged in a reusable, re-giftable, compostable and recyclable box which is the perfect size for keeping all of those little bits and bobs that like to take a wander when you need them. 

Everything you need except the needles and a great value bundle deal that's a money saver too! 

You have lots of fibre options to choose from all with their own characteristics - 

BFL & nylon sock - This is one of my favourite sock yarns because it's beautiful but works like a plough horse. BFL is a beautiful lustrous fibre with a lot of drape as it's a longwool, the addition of a little nylon and a high twist construction makes this a strong yarn with a little more bounce that BFL doesn't naturally have alone. This means a lustrous, soft, strong, silky and drapey yarn that has the twist to not go baggy with wear. You can wear these and work them hard and they'll look as beautiful as they did on day one. 

Merino & nylon sock - This yarn is all about the softness and bounce from the fineness and crimp from the merino. This slightly more delicate fibre is strengthened with a little nylon and a lot of twist to make a yarn that is bunny soft, conforms beautifully with a lot of bounce and stretch and is strengthened so it can work hard as a sock or glove. It reduces pilling and wear so you can have a fine luxury wool working hard day after day. 

Alpaca sock - This is a mix of Merino, Alpaca and nylon and is all about puffy, cloud like softness and gentle delicate fuzz that delivers on warmth like you wouldn't believe. The supercharged warmth making Alpaca is given bounce and memory by the Merino and strength by the nylon, the 4 ply construction allows for an incredible amount of air to be captured and all that insulation keeps your hands toasty. Have you ever stroked the tiny little fluffs behind a puppy's ear? This is that glorious feeling in a yarn and made to last. 

Yak sock - A mix of Merino, Yak and nylon the mechanics are very similar to the Alpaca sock but there's no fluff or halo and there's yet another elevation of softness with yak being softer and warmer even than cashmere. A denser, sleeker yarn this mix gives crisp stitch definition, softness, warmth and absolute luxury with the nylon adding strength to the fine and delicate Yak and Merino so you get a long term return on your investment. This is an exceptional yarn. 

While we do our best to keep our colours consistent each hand dyed yarn is one of a kind so we advise alternating skeins in a multi-skein project. See FAQs for more information.