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Black Stag Yarn & Fibre

Liminal - Merino/Alpaca/Nylon

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Fibre: 60% Superwash Merino / 20% Superfine Alpaca / 20% Nylon (4ply construction)


Weight: Sock / Fingering / 4ply / 20 WPI


Meterage: 400m per 100g skein / 437.4y per 3.5oz skein 


Recommended needle size: 2mm - 4mm 


For socks: 2.0mm- 2.5mm 


Liminal - between states, transitional, being at or on both sides of a threshold. Often used when talking about ritual states or the boundary between worlds. Not fully the old, not yet fully the new. Now I don't know about you but this captures the essence of my feelings right now. So much has happened, loss, grief, change, hope, and yet we are living the same days over again. We are not what we were but we are not yet in a new place. This limbo, this long transition has it's own difficulties while we wrestle with the others we already had. 

For me it helps to focus on the goodness. There is a lot around if you look. People helping each other, novel ways to communicate and connect, learning new skills and enjoying old hobbies lost to the time pressures of all those other commitments. Treating yourself also helps, a meaningful gift to yourself that aids your mental health and then leaves you with a useful loved thing is real self care - you deserve that. 

This bright aqua blue with heavy berry speckle is just joyful. It's bright but calm with a rich pink toned purple that will give stripes of speckled juiciness. Delicious.

This sock yarn is an absolute treasure! The plush merino is complimented with the drapey, super soft, superfine alpaca and strengthened with a touch of nylon. This is a 4ply construction but not high twist so it fulls out beautifully after washing and not only makes gloriously soft, warm and luxurious socks but suits any 4ply/fingering weight pattern with it's mix of softness, fullness and strength. Once you touch this you won't be able to stop! Treat your feet, fingers or any other bits with this luxury that lasts. If you're after the cosiest of cosy warmth then this is the yarn for you. 

Recommended care: This is Superwash Merino, Superfine Alpaca and nylon so can be machine washed at low temperatures (cool or cold) on a gentle cycle but we recommend hand washing as Alpaca is prone to felting and to keep the dye looking it’s best. Wash inside out for best results. 


While we do our best to keep our colours consistent each hand dyed yarn is one of a kind so we advise alternating skeins in a multi-skein project. See FAQs for more information.