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Black Stag Yarn & Fibre

Made to order fingerless gloves

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Yarn and Colour

If you have a specific pair in mind I recommend made to order as the best option to get them as I can't make these quickly enough to keep in stock let alone stock up, so you may be waiting a while for the ones you want to become available. I promise I am doing my best! 

Dispatch time is 7 - 10 days per pair. Delivery is often faster than this but is dependent on the list which is worked in the order received. 

Simple but clever these fingerless gloves are perfect for busy hands, the body conforms like a snug little hug while the rib and super smart bind off means you have no tightness or binding across the knuckles at all - no matter what you're doing! Flip the cuff down, flip it up, down, up, down, up, you can flip it all day every day (if that's your idea of fun) without it going baggy & slack. These yarns are soft, strong and warm while being light and fine, this means they can be worn as liners under heavy duty gloves as well as being cosy little handwarmers when worn alone. This pattern is all about the yarns, letting them stand alone as the luxurious stars they are, the textures and colours do all the work so you get all the elegance of simplicity with a lot of bang for your buck. 

You have lots of fibre options to choose from all with their own characteristics - 

BFL & nylon sock - This is one of my favourite sock yarns because it's beautiful but works like a plough horse. BFL is a beautiful lustrous fibre with a lot of drape as it's a longwool, the addition of a little nylon and a high twist construction makes this a strong yarn with a little more bounce added that BFL doesn't naturally have alone. This means a lustrous, soft, strong, silky and drapey yarn that has the twist to not go baggy with wear. And you can wear these and work them hard and they'll look as beautiful as they did on day one. 

Merino & nylon sock - This yarn is all about the softness and bounce from the fineness and crimp from the merino. This slightly more delicate fibre is strengthened with a little nylon and a lot of twist to make a yarn that is whisper soft, conforms beautifully with a lot of bounce and stretch and is strengthened so it can work hard as a sock or glove. It reduces pilling and wear so you can have a fine luxury wool working hard day after day. 

Alpaca sock - This is a mix of Merino, Alpaca and nylon and is all about puffy, cloud like softness and gentle delicate fuzz that delivers on warmth like you wouldn't believe. The supercharged warmth making Alpaca is given bounce and memory by the Merino and strength by the nylon, the 4 ply construction allows for an incredible amount of air to be captured and all that insulation keeps your hands toasty. Have you ever stroked the tiny little fluffs behind a puppy's ear? This is that glorious feeling in a yarn and made to last. 

Yak sock - A mix of Merino, Yak and nylon the mechanics are very similar to the Alpaca sock but there's no fluff or halo and there's yet another elevation of softness with yak being softer and warmer even than cashmere. A denser, sleeker yarn this mix gives crisp stitch definition, softness, warmth and absolute luxury with the nylon adding strength to the fine and delicate Yak and Merino so you get a long term return on your investment. This is an exceptional yarn. 

The fit on these gloves is so comfortable and forgiving sizing is very flexible, for example I wear a 7.5 glove and can wear the small/med without them being too tight and the large/xl without them being baggy but the sizing is:

Small/Medium: 6.5 - 7.5in / 16.5 - 19.1cm

Medium/Large: 7.5 - 8.5in / 19.1 - 21.6cm

Large/Extra large: 8.5 - 9.5in / 21.6 - 24.1cm 

Want to make your own? Try the Black Stag fingerless glove kit, made for everyone from beginners who have never made a glove before to experienced knitters who want an fun quick knit that is all about the fibre.