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Black Stag Yarn & Fibre

The Peacock Dance - Merino/Yak

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Fibre: 70% Superwash Merino / 20% Yak / 10% Nylon 

Weight: Sock / 4 ply (3 ply construction)

Meterage: 400m / 437y per 100g skein 

Recommended needle size: 2-4 mm 

For Socks: 2 - 2.5mm

The Peacock dance is so called because it is said that if you dream of Peacocks and they are dancing it is because you have a deep happiness coming. There are thousands of years of history and myth around Peafowl from many different cultures but I think the Peacock's representation of rejuvenation, re-birth and renewal, of integrity and as a good omen is the perfect focus for what's to come now. We may be down but we're not out, we may struggle but we don't give up, we rebuild and regrow stronger than we were before. Through hardship we have resolve and cement our links with each other, our communities and who we are.  

If you're a Black Stag OG then you know teal is my deal and I have my own special mix, in fact my first yarn was a beautiful teal (Swim?! You're Arran a laugh), and I'm at it again! This semi solid teal is extra special however as the base is a wonderful gentle taupe made from the natural mix of the Merino and Yak, this leads to an amazing depth of colour that is stunning in the light. This mix of colour and base is most definitely deep happiness coming your way, being in the moment and feeling this sleek super softness, seeing the crisp defined stitches fall into place is a great mindful practice that invokes a deep joy in your fibre loving brain space. This is a fantastic medium to truly channel happiness through gratitude and presence in the now. 

This Yak sock is utter luxury that spoils you while working hard and lasting well. Yak is incredibly soft but has no halo so you get the warmth of Alpaca with no fuzz which means less pilling. As a short stapled fibre Yak blended with wool and nylon creates a mix with the strengths of all the fibres that mitigates their weaknesses. This is a lightweight, warm, strong, smooth worsted yarn that is as soft as cashmere, with the Yak down adding warmth (30% warmer than wool), with beautiful drape and great elasticity. This won't full a great deal after washing and has beautiful stitch definition. Socks or other garments made from this yarn will have a beautiful drape and great resilience. This is an investment in luxury that lasts, a gift that will keep giving for years to come if well cared for. 

If you love Alpaca but can't do fuzz then this sleek soft Yak is for you. 


Recommended care: This is Superwash Merino, Yak and nylon so can be machine washed at low temperatures (cool or cold) on a gentle cycle but we recommend hand washing as Yak is prone to felting and to keep the dye looking it’s best. 

 While we do our best to keep our colours consistent each hand dyed yarn is one of a kind so we advise alternating skeins in a multi-skein project. See FAQs for more information.