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Black Stag Yarn & Fibre

Rubidium - 80% BFL 20% Mulberry Silk

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Fibre: 80% Blue Faced Leicester (from the UK) 20% Mulberry silk

Weight: 100g

Recommended care: This is an untreated fleece so is non-superwash. Hand wash, cool, with a gentle detergent. Do not bleach. Do not wring out. Do not tumble dry.

Science! We’re mostly good at the setting things alight part and Rubidium burns with a beautiful purple-red flame, too good a colour to pass up. The gradient goes from a deep royal purple to vermillion & fire red into orange. Bright & bold, exactly how we like it.

This luxurious batt is beautifully soft, fine, BFL mixed with A grade Mulberry silk. It’s a more challenging spin for the beginner but the results are worth the learning curve, producing a yarn that will have buttery next to skin softness, beautiful lustre from both the BFL and Silk and an incredible drape. While the preparation is for woolen spinning there’s absolutely no reason you can’t spin worsted, we think you should feel free to create the yarn you want to use.

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