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Black Stag Yarn & Fibre

Project bag? Totes!

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Material: 100% Cotton canvas -270 GSM

Size: 14 inches high, 13 inches long, 3 inches wide. 11 inch handle length

This is my perfect project bag - 100% Cotton canvas means it’s thick, strong and can survive being taken anywhere (I’ve taken mine to the beach, on the bus, on car jouneys, hill walks…everywhere), it is the perfect size to keep a single project’s items all together because I will absolutely mix things up if given the opportunity and best of all there’s still room for snacks! I’m always delighted when I find a forgotten KitKat when going back to a project.

The handles are securely stitched which means not only can I use these for crochet or knitting projects but I also have one with spinning bits in, a lazy Kate, bobbins, hooks, oil, gauges, all the little useful things you need to keep around but can get a little heavy. Fleece samples with notebooks, reference books, tablets, I’ve carried them all; I’ve also popped a few tins of soup in there too when I had forgotten my re-useable shopping bag.

This bag folds up small enough to be kept in a drawer, handbag or project box when not in use, I keep one in my bag because I find them so useful.

Short handles mean it’s easy to carry by hand or tucked securely under your arm without swinging around everywhere.

Small but mighty! Look how much you can fit in these bad boys!

*Price for one tote only, contents not included.