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Black Stag Yarn & Fibre

Pictsie Blue - 100% Merino

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Fibre: 100% Superwash Merino

Weight: Double Knit/ Light worsted/ 8 ply/ 11 wpi (4 ply construction)

Meterage: 225m or 246 yards per 100g/ 3.5 oz skein

Recommended needle size: 3.25mm - 4.5mm depending on the gauge for your project.

For jumpers: 3.25mm - 4.0mm

For shawls: 4.5mm - 5mm (creates a looser fabric with more drape)

Pictsie Blue or ‘No’ as blue as dark blue but bluer than light blue blue’ is a nod to some of my favourite characters from my favourite author; Sir Terry Pratchett’s Nac Mac Feegle from the Discworld series. The Feegles are brave, bold, funny, heroic, loyal and not as daft as first thought although perhaps a little morally flexible. With a P-L-N plan and a sentient blue cheese you can save the world.

Yiz dinnae wannae look like yon tattie bogle eh, ye ken? Get yez some Feegle blue.

This base is 100% Superwash Merino, soft, bouncy, so touchable and perfect for everything from hats to jumpers.

Recommended care: Can be machine washed cool on a gentle cycle but we recommend hand washing to preserve the vibrancy of the dye.

While we do our best to keep our colours consistent each hand dyed yarn is one of a kind so we advise alternating skeins in a multi-skein project. See FAQs for more information.