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Black Stag Yarn & Fibre

Made to order socks

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Black Stag socks made to your specifications. Choose your size, length and width to get warm, long lasting woolly socks made specially for your foot or the feet of a friend or loved one because handmade socks will always be a great gift!

If you don't have the measurements of the recipient's foot then you can request a shoe size and narrow, standard or wide fit which will be suitable for the majority of people. 

Hand knitted from hand dyed yarn these soft and bouncy socks are luxury for your feet with a little nylon adding strength to the wools.

Hand knitted wool socks conform to your foot as you wear them and provide a moisture wicking breathable warmth. The reinforced heel and wider toe box helps a luxury yarn make a strong comfortable sock with longevity. Woollen socks also take repairs well and can often have their useful life extended considerably with a simple darn.

Dispatch time 7-10 days per pair, posted first class.