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Black Stag Yarn & Fibre

Knurly Burly socks - BFL/Merino/Nylon

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Fibre: 80% Superwash Merino 20% Nylon (Magenta) 80% Superwash BFL 20% Nylon (Grey)

Size: UK Women’s 7-8 / UK Men’s 6-7 / EU 40 -41. Wide width.

Recommended care: This is Superwash wool and nylon so can be machine washed at low temperatures but we recommend hand washing with a gentle detergent to keep the dye looking it’s best. Do not tumble dry, lay flat to dry.

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These mid length ankle socks are a magical, helical, bright bonanza! You have the wool mix that lends the strength, low pilling, draping and lustre of the BFL with the squishy, bouncy, soft airiness of the Merino. You also have the happy bright magenta with purple speckles, snuggled together with a light cheerful grey that lets those colours sing but in a slightly more refined way, more choir than karaoke. The helical knit means you get the gorgeous single round stripes in a reversible comfortable fabric.

Hand knitted from hand dyed yarn these soft and bouncy socks are luxury for your feet with a little nylon and the high twist construction adding strength to the wools.

Hand knitted wool socks conform to your foot as you wear them and provide a moisture wicking breathable warmth. The reinforced heel and wider toe box helps a luxury yarn make a strong comfortable sock with longevity. Woollen socks also take repairs well and can often have their useful life extended considerably with a simple darn.