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Black Stag Yarn & Fibre

Dye to order

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As Black Stag is a new and small company I don’t keep as much dyed stock on hand as bigger, more established, dyers; I realise that it can be frustrating if you want more for a project than is in stock.

The good news is this means I’m able to dye to order! If you don’t need next day delivery and are happy to wait a short while then I can dye any colourways we offer.

Due to the differences in wool properties in our yarn I don’t currently offer the colourways on different bases as the results will vary and they won’t look the same on each base so I want to avoid any disappointment but our catalogue is expanding all the time!

Delivery times depend on the size of your order but average times are 3-5 working days for up to 6 skeins and 5-7 working days for larger orders although you will receive a confirmation of delivery time for your order once it’s received.