New line - Stag Super Savers! An introduction to our value collection

New line - Stag Super Savers! An introduction to our value collection

With prices going up and no foreseeable end in sight to the current stresses we're all facing, access to the tools we use to help our mental health is more important than ever. For me, and many people I know, yarn crafts are a huge part of that toolkit and it's quite difficult to do yarn crafts without yarn.

In my years of crafting the choice offered by commercial brands has exploded and we now have access to more colourways and fibre options than ever before - this is a fantastic thing! I have many years of experience of crafting on a strict and very small budget and will always appreciate that local yarn shops and larger chains are able to offer commercial yarns at very affordable prices. Yarn for is for everyone. This is A. Good. Thing. But I offer luxury hand dyed yarns; I'm a micro-business offering a niche product, this does present some limitations, for example I can't get price breaks for buying 100kg of yarn...I'd have to sleep in the shed for one thing. It does give me lots of areas of flexibility too though, I can set my own prices, I can play more with colour and offer one of a kind or small batches, I can take commissions and dye to request, this means I might be doing things that aren't offered elsewhere. If so I want to do what I can to make that available to the largest number of people I can. Indie dyed yarn can be a real treat, I've often seen someone's haul and wished I could buy some knowing it would be gone by the time I'd saved up, if I could save up at all, it can be disheartening to always have to miss out. Hopefully now you don't have to. 

Alongside partnering with Clearpay, a provider I trust, I decided to offer a not for profit value line. The fibre is cheaper for me so I am able to pass those savings on to you. Currently offered in DK I plan to offer 4ply and larger weights and expand my colourways if it proves popular. 

The price covers my costs and is priced to hopefully sustain itself. So lets get to the details! 

The Fibre:

This fibre is 100% Highland wool from Corriedale/Merino crossbred sheep living in the Highlands of Peru. 

This yarn is very very similar to using a pure Corriedale wool, you may be aware already of how popular Corriedale is. This is non-superwash yarn and felts well which opens up a lot of crafting opportunities particularly for knitters and weavers. This finishes beautifully as a woven fabric and this was the reason I trialed this wool for myself. If you are a knitter with interests in traditional techniques like Fair Isle colourwork, cabling or felted socks, gloves or ganseys then this is absolutely ideal for you. 

The micron count is 27 so this is a medium-fine fibre, I am able to wear this next to skin quite happily but it may not be skin soft for everyone. However this yarn makes wonderful outerwear so is perfect for jumpers, cardigans, hats, socks etc. It also makes wonderful blankets, cushions and throws. 

Because this fibre has a well defined crimp you get a beautifully bouncy spun yarn, another plus for garment fit, but also superior strength with little pilling. 

In hand it has a lovely firm bounce and you can feel the 'tooth' or grip, the factor that makes it a superlative choice for colourwork and weaving projects. It grips to itself very well and will stay where you put it, no struggle with slippery stitches or ends, you get wonderfully defined stitches, colourwork patterns and proud cables. 

If you have an interest in using natural wools and/or breed specific wools then this will be a treat. You get to experience breed specific characteristics and how we used to and can select for our needs from our incredible selection of native breed sheep and their crossbreeds. It's not all about Merino. 

Ethically sourced from sustainable rearing methods this also provides an income source to the local farmers they otherwise weren't getting. To me this feels like an all round good decision. 

Check them out for yourself here

Happy yarn wrangling!

Sam @ Black Stag


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