New release - Nana’s Garden Collection

New release - Nana’s Garden Collection

17 May

It’s here!

You may have seen the posts on social media but if not here are all the details about this new collection!

Florals Black Stag style! We have three colourways inspired by florals and my Nana’s garden; bright but delicate colours that are perfect for spring and summer shawls, cover ups, cardis or light jumpers. Or absolutely anything you want!

The base chosen for these is a Black Stag & customer favourite, BFL/Silk in fingering weight. This is a beautiful, dense, silky, smooth and deeply lustrous yarn, it has drape, incredible touchability, next to skin softness and absolutely incredible stitch definition. Gradients and speckles combined with the way the light plays with this yarn gives such fantastic visual interest with no extra effort on your part - you know what I say “Let the yarn do the work” - but it won’t overwhelm techniques like cabling or lace. It really can do everything.

With three colours from warm to cool there’s something for every skin tone -

Diane: Inspired by the colours of the rose this gradient covers warm pink through coral, peach and into a clean but not too bright yellow.

Tulips? Yes, Tulips, two eyes, two ears: The mid-range pink and white gradient with speckles on the natural colour, it has a nice amount of natural cream to make the lighter pink really pop.

Hyacinth Bucket, lady of the house speaking: A cool semi-solid periwinkle with blue speckling this is like using a semi-solid but with a little bit extra! Speckling is random and gives a great look of texture but doesn’t overwhelm any stitch techniques you’re using. While it might look the most busy there’s less colour change to take into account with your pattern choice.

With all the (k)nitty gritty in the listing linked above and some lovely photos all that remains is to encourage you to treat yourself! These can be dyed to order so if you want more than the quantity listed in stock just order here and your fabulous florals will be winging their way to you A.S.A.P!

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